Hjulsbro Steel chooses Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing the production.

Hjulsbro Steel chooses Empir Industry

Hjulsbro Steel has chosen Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing its plant in Linköping. In the factory, PC strands are manufactured primarily for the construction industries, as well as for mines and railways. Hjulsbro wanted to increase the degree of efficiency, quality assurance and traceability in the production process and has therefore chosen to implement Empir Industry's MES platform.

Using Empir Industry's MES platform, a parallel digital flow will be created based on Hjulsbro's physical manufacturing process. Subsequently, the production of different variants and the number of manufactured products will be able to be controlled with more automation and precision.

Each individual product will also be able to be quality assured in each production step, and traceability data is collected that can be used to work with trend analyzes, and creates the opportunity to utilize AI / Machine Learning if needed.

The solution paves the way for modern, sustainable and profitable production and we are proud to have gained the confidence to be a partner to Hjulsbro Steel in this work.

“We want to secure our production for the future by digitizing, automating manual processes to achieve a more efficient, more competitive production with a smooth traceability where we can learn to become even better by analyzing data directly from the manufacturing process. We are convinced that with the help of MES from Empir Industry we will achieve this ”.

Robin Skantze

CFO - Hjulsbro Steel

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