Develop, upgrade and integrate.

With almost two decades of system development experience, we are used to solving different types of requirements and are happy to work in projects which have demanding requirements for accessibility, performance and reliability.

We can help throughout the development process, from idea creation and problem solving to requirements specification, development and testing. We also offer project management services to lead the entire task from start to finish.

Technical specification

Looking at technology, our main focus areas are .NET, Web and Mobility. Within .NET, we often work in the programming language  C # with SQL Server as a database. When it comes to front end development, we use ASP.NET, MVC and WebApi. We are also fully conversant with the latest javascript frameworks and the dominating smartphone platforms.

Our services in System Development

  • New development projects
  • Upgrading existing systems
  • Integrating different systems.

Upgrading existing systems

There are many advantages to upgrading an existing system. The system will be future-proof, usually more efficient and more stable; it will require less and simpler maintenance. Factors that save both time and money. It may also be that the needs or working practices of the business have changed and the system needs to be adapted accordingly. Technology is continuously developing and systems need to be constantly upgraded to ensure their interoperability.

From its many years of experience, Empir Industry will propose changes and improvements for systems of all types and sizes. We always start a project of this type with an analysis of problems, possible risks and future needs. We can then find the right solution for the system under consideration.

Integrating different systems

When systems are integrated with each other, they work together in a better way. The work is automated in combination with a decrease in manual inputs and the entire operation becomes more efficient. This clearly generates several positive effects. Besides the fact that the business can save both time and money, time can be utilised better and as manual work reduces, the risk of errors caused by the human factor also reduces.

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