Full control from factory floor to management team

MES is a system for the management and quality assurance of production processes; it is ideal for companies active in the manufacturing industry. Our product ensures complete control all the way from the operator and machinery on the factory floor to the management and the business system. It helps you boost efficiency, quality and traceability in your manufacturing process.



Do you need access to your IT system 24/7?

We provide a full-feature service where our IT consultants analyse, monitor, forecast, act, coordinate and support critical IT systems around the clock. Our service can run all types of applications, both those we built ourselves and those supplied by a different provider.



Support for IT equipment in your production environment

The Factory Support service from Empir Industry involves our IT consultants taking care of all IT equipment in your production environment. This means that you need have no concerns during everyday operation – or in the event of an acute incident. The service also includes preventative maintenance. In addition, our IT consultants keep relevant documentation up-to-date, and in the event of acute incidents we deal with troubleshooting, distribution and implementation of the necessary measures.



Our customers have demanding requirements

Our customers are manufacturing companies in widely different areas, who place demanding requirements on us, their suppliers.

Empir Industry's focus is IT-solutions and services for manufacturing industry and warehousing. With the help of digitalization, we enable higher efficiency, right quality and traceability.

The full weight of our specialists’ commitment

Different education, background and experience. Different personalities, interests and drive. Always the same passion. Our IT consultants are specialists in creating smart solutions.



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