Hjulsbro Steel chooses Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing the production.

Hjulsbro Steel has chosen Empir Industry as a partner for digitizing its plant in Linköping. In the factory, PC strands are manufactured primarily for the construction industries, as well as for mines and railways. Hjulsbro wanted to increase the degree of efficiency, quality assurance and traceability in the production process and has therefore chosen to implement Empir Industry's MES platform.

Empir Industry is a Great Place to Work

An IT company's employees are its greatest asset. So our new Great Place to Work certification is as important as it is gratifying.

Techroi Fuel Systems’ Order

Techroi Fuel Systems have ordered an IT analysis to be conducted by Empir Industry in order to get ready for independent operations and for the construction of a factory for the manufacture of fuel tankers.

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